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Q: Is granite a good material for countertops?

A: Granite is an excellent choice for countertops. Granite is scratch resistant, heat resistant, and stain resistant. Laminates and solid-surface materials can not withstand high temperatures without discoloring and will scratch easily. Laminate and solid-surface materials try to replicate the look of natural stone, but nothing can duplicate the natural beauty of granite.

Q: Does granite stain?

A: Not very easily. Some granite is porous to some extent, meaning it can absorb a stain. Porous granite needs to be sealed. We will protect your countertops with an impregnating sealer as part of your installation.

Q: Why does installation cost as much as the countertops?

A: The reality is the material cost is about 10% of installed custom slab countertops. A slab of common granite only cost your fabricator about $400-$600. Fabrication is the largest expense in your countertops.

Using prefabricated countertops will dramatically lower the overall labor cost of your countertops by doing most of the fabrication at the factory. However, each installation is unique and will still take fabrication time.

Q: What is included in the installation price?

A: We will custom fit your countertops to your cabinets, polish all exposed edges, cut out sink and stovetop openings, seam slabs together with color matched polyester resin and seal your countertops if necessary.

Q: Why does an undermount sink cost so much?

A: There is more to a quality installation than cutting and polishing the sink opening to match your sink. We will also "rod" the granite in front and back of your sink by embedding stainless steel rods in the underside of the granite. We will also use mechanical fasters to hold your sink in place, not just silicon. Don't let a fabricator tell you these are unnecessary steps, demand a quality installation.

Q: Is the quality prefabricated countertops as good as a custom countertop?

A: Yes! The quality of factory finished prefabricated countertops is excellent. The fabrication process is the same for prefabricated and custom fabricated countertops. Our prefabricated countertops go through rigorous inspections. We won't sell a countertop that doesn't meet our standards.

Q: Can I get countertops with different style edge detail?

A: Yes! We can fabricate your countertops with 6 different edge details.

Q: Can I get a different size island?

A: Yes! We can fabricate any size and shape island or countertop. The size of the slab is the only limitation, approximately 9' x 5'.

Q: How do you clean granite countertops?

A: There are many cleaners readily available that are specifically designed to clean natural stone. Any neutral pH cleaner will not hurt your countertops.